How to easily get cooperations to sell their products on your Instagram page and pay you!!

5 Simple Steps to Get Instagram Sponsors

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You have an Instagram account filled with amazing photos from your travels, restaurant visits and your latest #ootd. You know how to create the perfect flatlay, your photos are clean and your posts are polished. With such great content, you’ve started racking up followers and now you’re considering how to take it to the next level with Instagram collaborations and sponsored posts.

But how do you get Instagram sponsors? Where do you start? How do you approach brands for Instagram collaborations? If you’re just starting out, this can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together five simple steps to help you to get Instagram sponsors.

Step 1: Realise you already have what brands want

When you first start thinking about getting Instagram sponsors, it can seem like an insurmountable challenge. With so many influencers in the market it might be hard to see where you can fit. But it’s important to realise that if you have a strong visual identity, post regularly have organically gained a loyal and engaged following, you have precisely what brands are looking for. It doesn’t matter whether your reach is 3K or 300K, an engaged audience that looks to you for recommendations is a powerful thing and Instagram collaborations are built on this.

Step 2: Get to know your audience

You might already have a pretty good idea of what your followers enjoy seeing, but if you want to get Instagram sponsors, you’ll need to need to really understand your audience. Knowing the location, age range, gender distribution and post performance is essential. This will be great guidance for future posts, helping you to provide content that you know your audience will enjoy. The other major benefit is that you can clearly communicate your niche and audience to brands interested in Instagram collaborations. You will be able to tell a brand more about the audience they will be reaching if they collaborate with you and what kind of engagement they can expect.

Step 3: Create a media kit

A media kit is an influencer’s business card. A great influencer media kit gives you a professional appearance and helps you to present your influencer potential quickly and effectively to potential brand partners. When done well, brands can easily visualise a potential collaboration with you. Another bonus is that you don’t need to write long emails to introduce yourself when pitching brands for potential collaborations and campaigns. If you’re not sure what should go into your media kit, we have a great media kit template you can download, customise and start using.

Step 4: Choose brands that fit

If you’ve followed the above steps, you should have a clear idea on what your niche is, who your audience is and what posts work best. You should also have a pretty great media kit that showcases this information well. That should all make finding Instagram collaborations easier. Now that you’ve done the prep work, it’s time to think about who you would like to work with.
A great way to start is to focus on the brands you already use. If you post about fashion or beauty, is there a brand you always wear or a product you love to use? If craft is your thing, where do you like to shop? A shout out to these brands can catch their attention. If they like it, it could be a great way to start a conversation about an Instagram collaboration with them. Another great way to do this is to join blogfoster. We find exciting brands for you and help you to create sponsored posts!

Step 5: Stay authentic

This is probably the most important step. Getting Instagram sponsors and working with brands on Instagram collaborations is great, but it’s important to remember that your followers come first. Staying authentic and maintaining your visual identity and voice is essential to keeping a loyal follower base. You wouldn’t want to lose followers by littering your Instagram with posts that no longer fit your personal brand. Stay focused on what you enjoy, post content that feels like a good fit for your feed and enjoy the benefits of being an influencer!
How did you get your first Instagram sponsor? What advice would you give to find Instagram collaborations? Tell us in the comments and share this on social media!


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    Likesocial Review – Is Likesocial a Scam?

    Outsourcing Instagram engagement is quickly becoming the go-to method of gaining engagement and growing on Instagram.While some people choose to use bots that use automated technology to engage on the platform, that is against Instagram’s ToS. You can also go another way and buy followers and likes to boost your Instagram presence. The trick is to make sure to choose a reputable service from which to buy your followers and likes to prevent the issue of fake followers and profiles, which are being cracked down on by Instagram.

    This review will discuss the services and aspects of Likesocial for Instagram growth and engagement.

    Let’s get started.

    What is Likesocial?

    Likesocial is an online company that sells Instagram likes, and video views.

    They are also known by their clients to quickly boost posts that make you popular.

    They claim to deliver your likes and video views fast, and that is accurate. The offer a lifetime guarantee on their plans, which is a rare element of these services.

    What are Likesocial’s Main Features?

    Let’s see what’s in Likesocial’s box.


    • Delivers Real Likes & Followers

    • Detection of New Uploads for Quick Interaction

    • Video Views are Equal to Likes

    • Posts Get a Variety of Engagement to Maintain Natural Flow

    • Dedicated Team Plus Consistent Service

    • Automatic Likes & Followers
    • If you think that your likes are coming too fast, Like Social allows you to make adjustments to your numbers to protect your account.


      The pricing structure of Likesocial’s services is simple to understand and ranges in price to meet any budget.

      Automatic Likes


      • 50 – 2500 likes for between $10 and $99 weekly
      • Automatic Views


        • 100-200 views for between $7 and $49 weekly
        • Is Likesocial Safe?

          I am happy to report that this is a verified & trusted resource for your Instagram growth and engagement.

          Now for the pros and cons.



          • Secure Https site that protects your personal details and helps them rank well in Google

          • Transparency in prices and what you get for that price

          • They have a help page from which you can email them with any questions or concerns

          • They have an online email form for sign-up when you purchase

          • They have verified payment gateways to protect your personal and payment information

          • They have real testimonials to read on the website
          • Cons


            • They don’t offer 24/7 support, which would be convenient for anyone who needs to get in touch with them immediately

            • They don’t provide user reviews on the website (they do have testimonials)
            • Spire Says

              Overall, I like this service for Instagram growth and engagement. It’s a safe site and service that won’t adversely affect your Instagram account.

              Likesocial proves that it is dedicated to providing superb customer service, support, and reliability. They are trusted by many clients across the world, which is evidenced by their 4 and 5-star reviews for safety, features, website security, customer support, and authentic testimonials.

              If you’re looking to boost your Instagram presence, I recommend Likesocial.

              Reader Interactions



              1. Mark says

                I highly recommend this service for boosting your Instagram engagement. The likes and views are delivered promptly and they come from high quality accounts. I’ve been using Likesocial ever since I found out about this service five or six months ago. It works great and the prices are very affordable.


              2. Evie says

                I’m really glad that I started using Likesocial to grow my engagement on Instagram. Before that I would get only a handful of likes on my posts and the same goes about views on my videos. Now that I’m using Likesocial, I don’t have to worry about this anymore.


              3. Tim says

                Likesocial is one of the best marketing tools for Instagram that I’ve tried so far. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’m very satisfied with their service. And I like how I can adjust the delivery of the likes on my posts so that it all looks organic.


              4. Lacey says

                I’ve tried a couple of different services for Instagram growth and had great experience with Likesocial. They don’t have a problem with fake accounts unlike many other services of that kind. That was my main criteria for choosing to continue using Likesocial. They deliver high quality likes from real profiles.


              5. Rob says

                It’s very important to get a lot of quality engagement on your posts. Likesocial is great for organic growth. I definitely recommend it.


              6. Liv says

                It’s a great Instagram growth tool. I use Likesocial alongside Risesocial to get both followers and likes on my posts. I think that right now with hundreds of new Instagram accounts popping out every minute, you just have to use marketing tools like these services. It’s the smart thing to do.


              7. Addison says

                Likesocial is a great service for organic engagement on Instagram posts. I’ve started using it a little over two months ago. It’s great that likes are delivered automatically every time I post something new to my Instagram. And I can regulate how fast I’m getting my likes so that everything looks natural.


              8. Linda says

                I’ve just started using Likesocial a few weeks ago but it looks good so far. I’m getting likes delivered every time I update my Instagram. The likes look like they are from real accounts and don’t look like spam.


              9. Sean says

                I absolutely love Likesocial! I’m using it to get likes on my Instagram posts. I like it how it’s all automated and I can adjust the way I’m getting my likes. So they get delivered gradually just like it happens when you get likes naturally. It’s really great and a lot better than regular bots that can get your account suspended.


              10. T.C. Pierce says

                Ever since I started using Likesocial for Instagram likes, my account has been thriving. And now I not only get likes, but also a lot of organic growth and new followers who discover my posts on the popular page. I give all the credit for these amazing results to Likesocial.

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