Live leap review

Live leap review

Boost Your Social Presence

Live Leap Review

The World’s First and Only Facebook Live Syndication Tool

Welcome to AM Review!

Are you looking for any information about Live Leap? Do you intend to buy this product? But everything is unsure with you because you don’t know whether Live Leap is legit or scam and what best benefits it has, etc.

Please read my Live Leap review to find the answers to the above questions not to waste any your precious time, money and even effort.


  • Quality – 10/10
  • Features – 9.5/10
  • Support – 9.5/10
  • Easy To Use – 10/10


– Syndicate your live feed across external social networks
– Worlds first email & SMS FB LIVE integration
– Track your analytics & performance
– 100% set & forget
– Monetize your LIVE calls instantly



Live Leap Review – Overview

Product Creator Luke Maguire
Product Name Live Leap
Release Date 2016-06-08
Release Time 9:00 EDT
Front-End Price $67-$97
Niche Social Media

What is Live Leap?

Live Leap is an advanced Facebook approved tool which takes the advantages of Facebook live by syndicating your live feeds across your Facebook profiles, groups, fan pages and even your major social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and your email list as well as your cellular devices.

It is the world’s first sharing the live feed tool. You can send your live video on your Facebook profile, group, pages with ease. The live videos are posted within a few seconds after you finish your live video.

Moreover, Live Leap also allows you to track any live call analytics, from who attended your live call, what the parts of your live stream where most engaging and where you lost the viewers and more importantly, you can make money from your live calls.

What Does Live Leap Contain?

  • The Ability to Syndicate Your Live Feed Across Facebook

Live Leap will post your live feed straight to your profile, groups, pages on Facebook, which helps you get the viewers as many as possible.

  • Not Only Facebook But Also Twitter, Linked In and So On

Aside from Live Leap can post your live feed to Facebook, you can post it to LinkedIn, Twitter, your email list and even other cellular devices.

  • Email and SMS Facebook Live Integration

You can give your subscribers notice that you are live and the topic of conversation by sending emails or text messages.

Live Leap can do everything for you. You don’t need to waste too much time to write the posts or messages to let your subscribers know because this tool does those.

  • Track Your Analytics and Performance

Live Leap is like Webinar; the attendees can come and go quickly without any bond. It shows you the most engaging parts of your live and what you can work in the future.

  • Setting with Ease

You just need to choose the groups, profiles, pages or social networks and then close it. It is real “a piece of cake”. Whenever you are live, Live Leap will be triggered in the cloud and do every work for you.

  • Help You to Monetize Your Live Calls

Maybe you don’t know which way Live Leap can help you make money. When you are live, the users will be attractive with your live video. This helps you follow up with them post stream and include the strategies on how to make money your live feed.

How Does It Work?

Setting up Live Leap is easy as “1-2-3”. You can follow the instructions here, or you can watch a demo in the video below to know how to use Live Leap.

Connect your social network for Live syndication.

To the left the instructions area, you will find to connect the buttons which interact with your social networks. Start by connecting your social network accounts, then navigate to each social account in the left navigation. You can manage the preferences in each of your social networks there.

If you need much training use Live Leap, you want to navigate to the pieces of training area in the left navigation. These training courses help you utilize Live Leap and set up the connect broadcasting and social syndication.

You can watch demo video here


Live Leap Review – Sales Funnel

live leap


live leap review

OTO 1 is the external social syndication and comment manager back.

This allows you to have your live feeds not only syndicate to your Facebook groups and pages but also Twitter, Linked In, your email list (instantly email your list the moment you go live) and even SMS (integration with Twilio allowing you to deliver live SMS updates).

It is also included an affiliate link Cloaker to monetize your live feeds with affiliate offers and included a live comment manager that syndicates all live feed comments to 1 dashboard for you.

OTO 2: Social Interaction Suite(Training included)($297) >>> See Detail <<<

live leap review

The social engagement management suite is going to provide you with the software and training necessary to generate income from Facebook live.

This is no doubt will be the leading training system for not only Facebook live, but also on how to build massive fan pages, groups and an audience that listens to you.

Also, The author is going in depth on the best ways to present yourself on camera, how to use Facebook live with different types of business’s (affiliate, eCom, local marketing, etc.)

He is throwing in a bunch of fast action software here as well for launch week only.

Get Traffic Bot  to generates over 12 million impressions
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Live Leap

Why Should You Buy It?

With Live Leap, you will see that posting your live videos has never been easier. You can send your live feed to Facebook profile, group, Fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn, your email list or any device with ease.

You can make money with collecting your subscriber’s email addresses, and whenever you have a new product, you can send marketing emails to them.

Besides, you will be entirely trained step by step how to use Live Leap and make much money with this tool when buying Live Leap. With only $97, you have everything you need. So is it worth to buy?


Not only are you getting access to Live Leap for the best price ever offered, but also you are investing entirely without risk. Live Leap includes a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Live Leap, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you can return it with 100% money refunded without any question asked. You have got nothing to lose! So what are you waiting for? Try Live Leap right now!


Thank you for paying attention to my Live Leap Review and see you.

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